Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pride over pity review

 I will admit I loved the first few seasons of teen mom.  The first months I watched it I judged those girls.  It would never happen to me.  Well we all know how that ended up.  It can ALWAYS happen to you.

     Season one my favorite was always Maci.   I always admired her independence and her strength.
In some aspects I feel like I have been judged for things she has gone through.  At least that is what it seems in the media and if I know one thing personally it is that not everything is as it seems.  MOST people outside of the situation do not get it right.  She was judged for going out and spending time with her son.  She was judged for being in more than one relationship.  Ring a bell?  Granted I have only been in two RELATIONSHIPS since I was 15 years old (not in anyway a crack on Maci).  But this isn't a defensive post so enough of that :)

  Season two I loved Leah of coarse.  I mean she's from West Virginia :)

     I also liked Kailyn.  I couldn't imagine being in the situation she was in living with her boyfriend and nowhere to go once the relationship ended.  The show many times hinted on her circumstances and her history but I do not think anyone knew the full reality of it.  I followed her on twitter mainly out of curiosity. I always liked Kailyn but I cannot say that I was DYING to get her book when she announced it was being published.  It's been a few weeks since it's release and I had been hearing  A LOT about it so naturally I became curious and downloaded a sample to my moms kindle.  About 3 minutes into the book I purchased it. It took me 10 minutes to cry for the first time.  It took me 25 minutes to "fall in love" with the family and less than a day to finish it.  You MUST read this book if you have ever felt your life or circumstance is or has been hopeless.  If you need inspiration about strength and someone bettering their this book.  I cannot rave on it enough.  She is an amazing mother and an amazingly strong woman. I am praying she decides to write more.

Amazon kindle addition: PRIDE OVER PITY

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Andrew's year update

 I am so far behind on here because of school but only 2 more finals stand in my way before my sophomore year of college is complete.  I was holding off on doing Andrew's "1 year update" after he had his doctor's appointment.  He did have that appointment a few weeks back but I have been so busy I am just getting around to doing it.

     Andrew has REALLY thinned out and really isn't my little "fat baby" anymore.  I am sure that him being very mobile now has contributed.  Andrew started walking right around 13 months.  He is now walking everywhere and tries to go just a little too fast sometimes.  I swear he is trying to run.

   At his doctors appointment he weighed in at 25 pounds and was 29 inches long.  The nurse said that he was right around the 50th percentile.  He has hit all of his milestones on time.

    He is saying more words.  His favorites are cat, dog, dada, mama, and the newest word OKAY.  He is also starting to put 2 words together like, "Okay cat."

    His favorite activity is going to the park and playing in the sand or stacking his blocks. Andrew also loves to dance.  His favorite foods are applesauce, yogurt, cereal and he likes some meat on occasion.  He is also a big fruit eater.  He isn't a picky eater like his brother thankfully lol.

     It seems like he is getting a new tooth everyday.  At last count he had 12.  We have been brushing his teeth for him but he likes to try to do it himself.  He has a very independent personality.

     It is pretty obvious Andrew is going to be my high strung baby full of attitude and full of adventure. I love watching him grow and change.  I can tell you though, the change and growing is going a little fast for my taste :/

5 months old
newborn Andrew
7 months old

14 months old

Thursday, April 10, 2014

blog response

      So I know the last video was made into a lot more than I intended it to be.  I am still very confused about the reaction of a lot of people.  I mean trust me I expect people who for their own reasons do not like me to react this way and THAT is who I meant to direct the last part of the video too, not my subscribers who have been and remained loyal.

    I have ALWAYS expressed my gratitude for anyone who has watched my videos with the exception of when I haven't been able to post as much due to time constraints.  In that time I have not posted anything including videos.

     I will not apologize for anything I said or my personality that some people misunderstood in the video.  It is who I am.  I thought it was pretty clear I was joking and being funny about the first part of my video.  I will say the only thing I do wish I had thought to do different is to make it clear WHO I was talking too.  I just cannot and will not apologize for being who I am.  There are enough fake people with good editing skills already on YouTube.

    Although I will not address every comment I did want to say to "addressing the haters and that is all you do anymore on fb and in your videos..." Could someone point out the last time I put anything remotely hateful on fb?  I haven't!  As far as videos.  I have barely posted any in the past 3 months so I am not sure where that came from either.  You have to remember that you see a VERY small portion of the hate that I do get on a daily basis.  I remove a lot so that my viewers do not have to deal with reading all the drama they bring.  I do not address every comment, message, tweet, instagram response.  So again I am confused as to why me saying what I did caused anyone to say they are tired of me addressing them.  You know unless you are or have gone through what I have it is very easy to judge how a person should react to what is being done.  Just keep that in mind.

   In closing, I will NOT be leaving YouTube.  I am NOT taking a break.  I also will NOT be mentioning the boys in every video and that includes life updates.  I am no longer a YouTube mommy channel so when I do not mention them, I am doing that on purpose.  If you want to stay in touch as as the boys I do do updates here and post pictures as much as I can.

  As I post in almost blog post I do appreciate each and every one of you and a very big thank you to those who send supportive messages and posted supportive comments.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Update on Braiden


I KNOW I haven't done an update on the boys in so long so I wanted to let you know just how great they were doing.  Thankfully this semester my schedule allows me to be with them more often.  First I am going to do an update on Braiden and later today I will get Andrew's posted.

     Braiden is now 3 years and 4 months old.  He is fully potty trained and is HILARIOUS.  He is and always has been very sweet as far as his personality goes.  He is very protective of his brother.  If for ANY reason Andrew is crying, you will hear Braiden running to wherever he is asking what's wrong.  It adorable. Braiden's new favorite activity is ABC mouse.  Of coarse he still loves playing with his monster trucks and hearing his favorite books being read to him.

     If you have followed my videos you will know that Braiden WAS a very picky eater.  His menu was things you could count on one hand!  I am so happy to say that is no longer the case.  He has started trying new things and his favorites are growing by the day.  He STILL doesn't like chocolate lol.  Crazy boy ;)   I am so proud of him though.  If you hand him a plate it must have fruit or veggies on it and he ALWAYS goes for those first over say his Pizza.  His favorite fruits are watermelon, cantelope, strawberies, honey dew melon, and bananas.  His favorite veggies are broccoli and cauliflower.  He still isn't much of a meat eater but we fit protein and healthy fats in his diet other ways.

    Braiden can say his ABC'S and can count to 12 (further if we count with him).  We are working on letter recognition and writing.  He will actually start a pre-school program in the fall.

   His current favorites are;

Movie: Frozen :)
Food: fruit of any kind
Toy: His monster trucks
Tv show: Wally Kazam as he calls it.
Favorite drink:  Strawberry almond milk
Favorite time of the day: Bath time